• Anti Static High Pressure Laminate with
    Non Warp Technology
     that consists of outer
    flexible film that provides true shielding from warping, puncher and abrasion. An inner sealant layer known as Static dissipative polyethylene film protects your sensitive electronic devices from Static Energy.
    • Unifloor's unique aerated lightweight Pyrogrip Non Combustible Portland Cementitious Core is created by inclusion of fire resistant micro elements in a cement based mixture. This is achieved by mixing the concentrated Fire Retardant Foaming Chemical with water and compressed air. The generated foam is injected directly into the flooring panels ensuring superior fire resistance, zero cavity formation and superior weight to load capacity ratio.
    • Unifloor Panels come with imprinted specifications to ensure that the testing, assessment and certification criteria utilized meets all the relevant quality, safety and performance standards of the product as demanded by our clients.
    • Our Panels are epoxy coated with Multi Layer Corroresist heavy duty, anti-corrosive Resin which forms a tough abrasion resistant film that protects the substrate from moisture and chemical attack. This specially formulated complexes provide “State of the Art” cathodic protection, exceptional durability, low maintenance and high performance for even the most challenging environments.
      • Our Steel access floor consists of a flat steel top sheet fuse welded to a formed steel bottom sheet with 64 hemispherical cones. Manufactured to exacting tolerances, these non-combustible rigid, solid panels deliver the ultimate in strength and durability with the convenience of lightweight construction and excellent load performance.

      UBP India,
      Mar 24, 2013, 12:09 PM