Decosonic Glassfiber Ceiling

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No product can earn LEED® certification since USGBC awards such certification only to buildings. However, specifying DECOSONiC for your installations, can help construction projects earn points in several categories.

Ceiling tiles shall be high acoustic DECOSONiC Micro edge glass fiber in size 600x600x15 mm. Comprising of high-density glass wool covered with painted glass wool tissue. It shall have a NRC of greater than 0.90, light reflection of over 85%, density of 100kg/m3, humidity resistance of 95% to be laid on exposed 15mm G.I. powder coated grid system.

There is some debate as to what level of sound is too highparticularly in workplaces. It is thought that the maximal tolerable noise level for an eight-hour workplace exposure is about seventy-five decibelsThese standards however are meaningless when the sound comes in various shapes & sizes and the 
message gets lost!

Its proven that without optimum acoustical solution, you get significant number of cases of loss of concentration at work!

Acoustic and visual impressions induce moods and feelings and have a special influence on the way we experience ourworkplace. Hearing involves interpreting sound waves, and our ears are simultaneously exposed to a broad array of different sound waves at a wide spectrum of frequencies. Factors such as volume, frequency and number of sound sources influence our sense of well-being and our  powers of concentration. A room’s acoustic properties – the audibility of the spoken word or the purity of a sound - are dependent on the sound reflection and absorption characteristics of the flooring, walls, ceiling and fixtures in the room. Long reverberation times result in undesirable acoustics – sounds become unclear and speech becomes incomprehensible.

Decosonic Ultimate-600 Glasswool Ceiling  is our approach to an acoustical grid system, aimed at specifiers wanting to bridge the gap between aesthetic ideals and top in class acoustical solutions. The system combines the flexibility of a grid panelling system in a standard format 600 x 600 mm tile. Lightweight and easy to handle, the Decosonic Ultimate-600 Glassfiber tiles are quick and easy to install. Made out of recycled glass wool, this unique high density tile combines acoustic performance through 90-100% NRC. Tile's clean sharp look with easy wet cleaning properties minimises care and presents aesthetics. The tiles are rigid and stable, and do not sag or deflect over time.

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