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Say No to Sagging


In today's world of modern construction, you need the flexibility of design to crete new masterpices for which you need suspended ceiling. Suspended ceilings have a wide range of uses in both commercial and residential applications.  The main advantage is that they cover over unsightly old ceilings, plumbing, ductwork and wiring.  Traditional suspended ceilings have several disadvantages including: aging quickly, sagging and becoming discoloured.  While looking better than the things they conceal, traditional drop ceilings are limited in terms of colour, style and finish.

Main reason tiles sag is due to moisture and it does not require a lot to do so when dealing with tiles made of mineral fiber which is basically a paper product. The more humidity the more they will sag

Water Stains/Spots 
Most tiles are made mineral fiber and as such will water spot due to a/c condensation (which is just about anywhere an ac is used), roof leaks,  pipe leaks, concrete sweating, etc so in time you will have to either replace the tile or put up with ugly ceilings that can look unsightly to your customers not to mention the mold that could be growing in the tile causing sick building syndrome.

GRG ceilings offer all the advantages of a drop ceiling but are much more versatile and beautiful to look at.  These ceilings are stain resistant, waterproof and much easier to install than other types of suspended ceiling. 


The tiles are comprised of non-combustible gypsum casting plaster reinforced with a glass fibre membrane resulting in a lightweight, strong Prestressed panel. The Top visible face is PVC and is backed by Aluminium foil, making the tile Water Resistant.

The tiles have excellent moisture resistance and can be used in area of high humidity including covered external areas. In case of water inlet, the water trickles down without affecting the tiles.

Fire Performance

Non-combustibility :  GRG Tiles are rated non-combustible as defined in BS 476: part4 : 1989.

Surface spread of flame :  GRG Tiles are rated Class 1 for the surface spread of flame test to BS 476: part 7: 1997, and the fire propagation test results to BS 476: part 6: 1989 indicate a Class 0 surface defined in the Building By Law 1985.

Smoke and toxic fume emmission : The tiles are zero rated for the smoke emission. No toxic fumes are given off.

Under normal conditions GRG tiles will not deteriorate and can be expected to last the lifetime of the building.

The tiles can be cleaned with a slightly damp sponge or cloth and a mild detergent solution as required. 
Our Installation Teams are equipped to execute any orders in India within quickest turnaround time. 
Universal Building Products Pvt Ltd’s trading history in the provision of Interior solutions started in1984 from our operating base in New Delhi, India. Working in partnership with contractors, specifiers, architects and direct clients,we have provided commercial ceiling & flooring for a host of customers throughout India.Our reputation has been built on an integrated approach, examining the specific needs of each project and choosing the best solution to suit. With an absolute commitment to delivery on time and on budget, we instill confidence in our customers by insisting on the highest quality and performance at every stage. Our raised access flooring division builds upon the existing UBP's reputation and now offers specifiers a new option:
Providing and Fixing Decosonic™ Hi-Strength Glass Reinforced Gypsum Board Ceiling Tile with water resistant properties, suspended on 24mm Decosonic™ Suspension System for superior water resistance and durability. Panels shall be of Size 600x600x9mm with decorative PVC vinyl top layer of the choice of site in-charge with a PVC tape on all four sides for greater water resistance. The bottom of the tile shall be covered with factory pressed Aluminum foil for lifetime protection.
No product can earn LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification since USGBC awards such certification only to buildings. However, specifying Decosonic for your installations, can help construction projects earn points in several categories. Our broad objectives are to develop greener products, reduce waste and the conservation of natural resources. Our sustainability efforts continually target  to evolve into new and exciting applications where we can reduce our consumption of energy and generation of waste.
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