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Noise is one of the greatest causes of stress of our times. Properly designing the acoustics of spaces will have a great impact on a person’s well-being.
In the workplace, bad acoustical design can increase stress and reduce productivity. At any given time, a cubicle worker may be overhearing one or more phone conversations, water cooler chats, impromptu meetings, bull sessions, and even co-workers muttering at their computers. These distractions often drown out our own thoughts, turning us into involuntary eavesdroppers. Decosonic panels are highly effective in reducing the long reverberation times and background noises in rooms. They are effective over a particularly large range of frequencies and feature the highest sound-absorption class (A) with 0.95-1.0 NRC.


There are several different ways of installing wall panels. They can be split into smaller fields to create different patterns, installed from ceiling to floor to create a uniform wall. It is also possible to create different sizes and colors. The wall panel installation process, in other words, can be an outlet for all sorts of creativity. Great emphasis is placed on color and the possible combinations of it for the panels by Decosonic with an eye for a harmonious arrangement. The power of color in design can enliven and define spaces. Colors can have an effect on people’s perceptions, as well as motivate and even inspire them when the colors are applied properly in people’s living.

Decosonic genuinely makes a statement. Not only the acoustic performance of its products is impressive, its system for improving acoustics can be implemented in a diverse range of situations. There are virtually no limits to your creativeness because you can combine the different panels with one another or choose to install one color. So give us a call right away to help you decide.
Our Installation Teams are equipped to execute any orders in India within quickest turnaround time. 
Universal Building Products Pvt Ltd’s trading history in the provision of Interior solutions started in1984 from our operating base in New Delhi, India. Working in partnership with contractors, specifiers, architects and direct clients,we have provided commercial ceiling & flooring for a host of customers throughout India.Our reputation has been built on an integrated approach, examining the specific needs of each project and choosing the best solution to suit. With an absolute commitment to delivery on time and on budget, we instill confidence in our customers by insisting on the highest quality and performance at every stage. Our raised access flooring division builds upon the existing UBP's reputation and now offers specifiers a new option:
Providing and fixing pf Fabric covered Decosonic Acoustical Wall paneling of Universal Building Products with square edges made of fibre glass substrate 25mm thick and wrapped on the front side with an acoustic and fire-resistant fabric with an option of colours as per the choice of the person-in-charge. The panel shall be of size 2400mmX600mm providing a minimum sound absorption level of 0.95 NRC to be affixed to wall using construction adhesives as per the instruction laid down.
No product can earn LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification since USGBC awards such certification only to buildings. However, specifying Decosonic for your installations, can help construction projects earn points in several categories. Our broad objectives are to develop greener products, reduce waste and the conservation of natural resources. Our sustainability efforts continually target  to evolve into new and exciting applications where we can reduce our consumption of energy and generation of waste.

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