We have invested in partnering with world's top manufacturing facilities to produce The Unifloor™ access flooring systems under very stringent quality parameters which has already been implemented successfully on high caliber projects in various parts of the World. We have the skills and capability in product manufacturing and have the detailed knowledge required to ensure a quality installation. We always deliver on budget. Our system is tested and certified to comply with Global Governing body, CISCA's test procedures for Raised Access Flooring Systems. It is tested by International Test houses and NSIC, a prominent Government run testing house in New Delhi. This ensures that the testing, assessment and certification criteria utilized meets all the relevant quality, safety and performance standards demanded by our clients.

The UNIFLOOR™ raised access floor system has been designed to eliminate rocking panels, uncontrollable expansion of the panels, lose pedestals, gaps between panels and squeaking or noisy panels. To experience the next generation of problem free raised access floors on your next project it has to be UNIFLOOR™ Access Floors. 
Our Installation Teams are equipped to execute any orders in India within quickest turnaround time. 

*Always Insist in Genuine Unifloor Floor Panels
Universal Building Products Pvt Ltd’s trading history in the provision of Interior solutions started in1984 from our operating base in New Delhi, India. Working in partnership with contractors, specifiers, architects and direct clients,we have provided commercial ceiling & flooring for a host of customers throughout India.Our reputation has been built on an integrated approach, examining the specific needs of each project and choosing the best solution to suit. With an absolute commitment to delivery on time and on budget, we instill confidence in our customers by insisting on the highest quality and performance at every stage. Our raised access flooring division builds upon the existing UBP's reputation and now offers specifiers a new option:
The Access raised floor shall be medium grade UNIFLOOR FS800Hpanel with point load of 3.6 KN/sqm. and UDL of 13.6 KN/m2; manufactured from steel with lightweight cementitious core in the size 600 X 600 X 35 mm. The top panel shall be finished with high abrasion, anti-static High Pressure Laminate with PVC beading on all sides to provide protection of edges.The bottom of the panel shall be embossed in hemispherical shape to give strength and flexural rigidity. The panel shall be finished with electro deposition of epoxy paint on the exposed surface for lifetime protection and shall be Zinc Whisker free. Pedestal base assembly shall provide easy adjustment of leveling and accurate alignment. The Finished Floor Height hence achieved by use of pedestals must be ______mm.
No product can earn LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification since USGBC awards such certification only to buildings. However, specifying UNIFLOOR for your installations, can help construction projects earn points in several categories. Our broad objectives are to develop greener products, reduce waste and the conservation of natural resources. Our sustainability efforts continually target  to evolve into new and exciting applications where we can reduce our consumption of energy and generation of waste.
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