Unimet™ CNBM offers wide range of high quality products through its extensive line of design alternatives and options incorporation the Tile, Linear and the Open Cell ceiling systems, all of which can be supplied in different shapes, colours and sizes. Unimet utilizes latest technology and expertise to grant architects and designers greater freedom of creativity in design with its beyond standard product range of ceiling systems.

Design and Technical Data 

Unimet™ CNBM offers a vast range of specially chosen standard ceiling types. Unimet™ CNBM is the right choice when speedy delivery and installation, reasonable price and above all: high quality, acoustic performance and aesthetics appearance are required.

Unimet™ CNBM Linear system offers a greater degree of freedom to architects & Clients that require a wider choice of alternatives regarding form and dimension, in order to meet the various needs of any given space while also fulfilling the respective acoustic and aesthetic requirements.

Unimet ™ CNBM Open Cell ceilings act as both a functional and decorative alternative for ceiling solutions with a monolithic and decorative mask, offering a freedom of design with its difference shaped appearance. It is possible to apply this ceiling type in the shopping centers, at the airports, supermarkets and in offices easily. Open Cell ceilings allows excellent air circulation of the area where the ceiling height is low. It can be integrated with lighting systems easily, thanks to its different color, shape and cell size opportunities.

Installation Demo


•Our metal ceilings are made from high quality galvanized steel and aluminum. It is pre-coated or finished with epoxy polyester powder coat.

•The G.I. is available in 0.5 mm and above thickness and aluminum is available in 0.6 and above.

•All products have standard perforations of holes, squares or in plain.

•Materials are pre-coated with a primer and finish coat of silicone polyester. The standard color is white. Other colors available on request.

•The gauge varies depending on type, size and configuration. Aluminum is also available on specific customer requirement.

•The “customized “in- house designing and manufacturing ensures superior quality of the finished product within critical time schedules

•Eliminates risk of micro organisms breeding

Typical Uses
    • Reception areas
    • Showrooms
    • Corporate offices
    • Hospitals
    • Cafeterias
    • Restaurants
    • Airports
    • Shops 
Technical Details 
    • Design Options: 600 x 600 mm, 84C, 300C, 300B, 84R
    • Material: Aluminum, Galvanized Iron, Stainless Steel
    • Thickness: 0.5 mm, 0.6mm, 0.7mm
    • Sound absorption (NRC): 0.60 with Acoustic Pads
    • Sound attenuation Dncw (dB): 28 - 34
    • Light reflectance (%): 85
    • Humidity resistance (% RH): 100%
    • Fire reaction: Class O/Class 1 (BS 476)
    • Coating: 80 - 120 Microns