Decosonic™ CNBM Mineral Fiber Ceiling adopts granulated high density Mineral Wool as the main material and top production technique which  gives it superior features of fire-proofing, sound absorption, heat insulation & sag resistance. They are cost effective and are mainly used for acoustics and decoration. With fully developed textures and attractive price, these products are being more and more recognized by the markets over the world.

Design and Technical Data

Product description

Our mineral fiber materials are made from selected rock/slag fibers and special binders. The mineral fibers are uniformly interwoven by the unique wet-felting process to form rigid board and tile which are non-combustible and fire-resistant.


The ceiling tiles are fixed on a GI modular grid system using Main runners and Cross Tee with which grid system of 600mm X 600mm is formed and tiles are laid for easy access and removal.


The Decosonic Mineral Fiber Ceilings Tiles are available in standard thickness of 12 mm, 15 mm, 18 mm.


Our Tiles have maximum density than any comparable manufacturer in the country - 260-320 Kg/m3.

Light Reflectance

Above 88%

Sag Resistance Properties

≤ 3.5mm (JC670-1997 Stipulation)

Noise Reduction Co-efficient (NRC)

Sound Absorption Average in accordance with ASTM c 423-01. SAA = 0.55 for 15mm | 0.70 for 18 mm

Installation Demo


    • Crisp and aesthetic look
    • Provides superb acoustical solutions
    • Eco-friendly and Biodegradable
    • Light weight, easy to install and cut
    • Dimensionally stable in high humidity,
    • Non-directional pattern                             
    • Provides dual inhibition of mold/mildew and odor/stain-causing bacteria

Standard Textures

Quality & Testing

At Decosonic CNBM we always insist on delivering the highest quality of    product  and service levels to all our clients. Having experienced this, our customers return to us time and time again. We are proud of our first class reputation. You can be assured that this attention to detail and 

commitment continues throughout all of our processes. Our system is tested and certified to comply with Global Governing bodies. This ensures that the testing, assessment and certification criteria utilized meets all the relevant quality, safety and performance standards demanded by our clients.


No product can earn LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)certification since USGBC awards such certification only to buildings. 
However, continually target to evolve into new and exciting  applications where we can reduce our consumption of energy and generation of wastespecifying Decosonic CNBM for your installations, can help construction projects earn points in several categories. 

Our broad objectives are to develop greener products, reduce waste and the conservation of natural resources. Our sustainability efforts

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Aug 4, 2012, 2:55 AM