Decosonic™ CNBM  has been adopted from Nitto Boseki Co Ltd Japan (Nittobo) Double Layer Adhesive Stapling ceiling is one of a kind innovation for great sound absorption while providing seamless designs and creative outputs for the discerning Architects.

  • Modern and aesthetic look 
  • Seamless Design 
  • Breaks Monotony 
  • Assists in Design Progressions 
  • Eco-friendly and Biodegradable 
  • Light weight, easy to install
  • Dimensionally stable in high humidity
  • Low embodied energy product 

Installation Process

The Double Layer Ceiling Tiles are attached to a gypsum board mounted to a metal frame by using staples and glue. The result is a high quality flat ceiling finish with superb acoustic properties. There are several different orientations to install these tiles. They can be split into smaller fields or joined together to create seamless different patterns, your design perception and our execution process, in other words, can be an outlet for all sorts of creativity. Architects are invited to interpret 300x600mm Adhesive stapling ceiling tiles in any way they choose. Our Japanese Engineers have created this piece of acoustic and aesthetic art so it promotes fresh creative exploration among even the most established styles.

Case Study: To find a solution to curb noise from Transferring for One Director's Cabin to Another

Client: Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. & Piramal Healthcare Ltd. 
The Director's cabin, like most of the cabins of today were designed in a minimalistic tone with a lot of reflective surfaces. The office had been operational for more than 8 weeks and had the usual acoustic treatment like carpet and wall panels. The ceiling however had gypsum board that gives 10-20% Sound Absorption. Looking a the gravity of the situation, the administration team and the architects immediately swung into action and hired acoustical consultants. The first, very obvious knee-jerk reaction was to increase the number of wall panels in the room. This however has no effect on the transfer of noise from one room to another as the noise was travelling from the plenum above the ceiling. Our team was then brought into the action by the consultants to analyse the problem.

To reduce the noise transfer from the plenum , the engineers deemed that a noise absorbent be placed above the ceiling that would provide higher performance than current lining of the walls and ceilings. The challenge was to find a long lasting, quick to install material with without hampering the work schedule and causing least amount of renovation work within the new office premises.
The only product which meets all these requirements was Doublelayer Ceiling. We created bespoke design to enhance the interiors and pasted the Sound absorbing Doublelayer ceiling on the existing Gypsum Board Ceiling. The benefits being that acoustic performance is increased by creating a whole rounded acoustic solution in the cabin and surrounding areas.
As for the client, we surpassed their target acoustic performance.

Typical Uses
    • Reception 
    • Showrooms 
    • MD Rooms 
    • Decorative Areas 
    • Cafeterias  
    • Food Courts 

Technical Details
    • Size: 600 x 300 mm 
    • Thickness: 15mm 
    • Sound absorption (NRC): 0.50 
    • Sound attenuation Dncw (dB): 25 
    • Light reflectance (%): ~85 
    • Humidity resistance (% RH): 95-99% 
    • Fire reaction: Class O/Class 1 (BS 476) 
    • Thermal conductivity (W/mk): 0.28-0.34
Installation Demo