Decosonic™ CNBM Glass Fiber ceiling tiles are not only the top performers when it comes to sound absorption and noise control issues, but they are attractive and can help "finish" off any room or office while absorbing & blocking sound transmission.

Technical Data

Product description

High density, dry, Felt resin bonded Fiberglass wool, with fine texture painted glass tissue surface, plain tissue backer and sealed/painted edges.


100 - 120 Kg/m3.

Light Reflectance

Estimated at 85%

Thermal Resistance

> 0.4 m²K/W

Noise Reduction Co-efficient (NRC)

These high performance acoustic tiles provide a minimum sound absorption of 90%

Fire Resistance

Conforms to Class A Rated by BS476 Part 6&7 as tested.


Square, Microlook

Installation Demo

Design Data


600*600 mm (Nominal), 600*1200 mm.


Tiles are available in 15 mm and 20 mm.


The ceiling tiles are fixed on a GI modular grid system using Main runners and Cross Tee with which grid system of 600mm X 600mm is formed and tiles are laid for easy access and removal.

Acoustic Performance

Acoustic irritation is reduced to enhance listenability. These tiles thus, are most suitable to be applied at Exhibition Halls, Hospitals and so on where some special requests for higher Sound Quality, Noise Control or Acoustic Insulation is inevitably required


Specially painted surface of Fiberglass Ceiling has long life with less adhere, absorb, of dust. Regular cleaning of the surface will be enough to keep the ceiling clean and tidy.


    • Crisp and aesthetic look
    • 90-100% Sound Absorption for Top Acoustics
    • Provides superb acoustical solutions
    • Eco-friendly and Biodegradable
    • Light weight, easy to install,
    • Dimensionally stable in high humidity,
    • Low embodied energy product

Typical Uses

    • Meeting rooms
    • Conference rooms
    • Sport rooms
    • Consulting rooms
    • Concert halls
    • Theaters         
    • Libraries
    • Auditoriums
    • Classrooms