Panels designed and manufactured by Decosonic CNBM combine acoustic comfort with timeless aesthetics. Defined shapes and select colors are blended into a harmonic piece. The components of the panels are the same for all models. The high density fiberglass substrate gives highly-effective, impact-resistant acoustic materials at the core of the panels. The panel’s fabric exterior is unique and fire resistant.


A very good reason for choosing  Decosonic CNBM  acoustic panels is the excellent sound absorption performance of the material. The panels contribute to a good acoustic environment in the rooms where they are installed. Today's tenants demand flexible, stylish environments and the latest technical improvements. Noise screening has become paramount. Consequently, flexible  Decosonic CNBM panels, which can be used as building components or for post-fitting, can be tailored to any architectural concept or interior design. As a result, they are taking an increasingly important role in contemporary acoustic room conditioning.                     
  • Excellent sound absorption.
  • High density fiberglass wool
  • Heat-resistant
  • Energy-saving material
  • Fire-proof
  • Various designs and colors of fabric available
  • Easy to trim and install

Installation Procedure     

Technical Details

    • Fire‐resistant base board Class A
    • Finished board Class B
    • No Sagging / Warping
    • Dimensions 2400mmx600m
    • Material: Glass Fiber substrate
    • Surface Finish: Specially treated high class fire retardant fabric
    • Color: Choice of Fabric
    • Edge Detail: Hardened Square Edge
    • Sizes: 1200x1200mm, 1200x2400 mm
    • Thickness: 25mm                     
    • Humidity resistance: Dimensionally stable with RH up to 99% at 40°C
    • Weight: High Density 120 Kg/m3 Glass Fiber Panel and 340 gms / RMT Fabric
    • Cleaning: Use a clean, dry, soft white cloth to wipe off any dirt or fingerprints. Regular light dusting or vacuuming is recommended.

Typical Uses
    • Meeting rooms
    • Conference rooms
    • Sport rooms
    • Cafeterias Restaurants
    • Canteens
    • Consulting rooms
    • Concert halls
    • Theaters
    • Libraries
    • Lounges
    • Bars

Installation Demo

UBP India,
Aug 2, 2012, 6:19 AM