Decosonic™ CNBM Suspended Ceiling Grids are manufactured with highest galvanised steel content grid products on the market. They also feature double stitching on the Main and Cross Tees for rigidity. This lightweight system can support additional loads such as services up to 3kg and has a strong modular appearance.  Pricing is hugely critical to installers in the current climate. Our product is one of the most cost efficient products available.  Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001 international standards, strict quality testing procedures are employed during manufacture.

Technical Details


The decorative surface adopts semigloss coated sheet, and the quality is exquisite and achromatic. Multi-rolling wheel molded, smooth surface. High intensity and easy installation.


Good design and excellent aesthetic performance. Light weight and easy installation. This design is highly popular in the world because of its crisp sharp look


Channel has black and white color for your option. The corresponding ceiling system is dimensional. Easy to install and closely fitting.

Based on double-faced colorful coated sheet, with a soft color and clear lines. The corresponding ceiling system is dimensional. Accurate in dimension and close fitting, can be applied together with metal ceiling boards and mineral wool sound acoustic ceiling boards providing a classic choice for indoor ceiling of modern architecture.


Material: High quality hot dipped Galvanized Iron Sheet

Coating: Factory zinc coating                               

Wall Angle

Size  (Height×width×Length)

    • 24×24×3000mm
    • 20×20×3000mm
    • 20×15×3000mm
    • 20×14.5×3000mm
    • Thickness 0.3mm,0.4mm

Cross Tee

size (Height×width×Length)

    • 27×24×1200mm
    • 27×24×600mm
    • 27×15×1200mm
    • 27×15×600mm
    • Thickness 0.26mm,0.3mm

Main Runner

Size (Height×width×Length)

    • 38×24×3000mm
    • 32×24×3000mm
    • 38×15×3000mm
    • 32×15×3000mm
    • Thickness 0.26mm,0.30mm,0.35mm,0.40mm

Unique Features 
    • Improved, easier to install
    • Works with any tiles of size 600 x 600mm
    • Appropriate corrosion resistance for interior environments
    • The industry standard of compatibility: acoustical tile, light fixtures and air diffusers
    • Seismic and fire resistive designs
    • Demount-able designs
    • Unique designs in offices, hotels, retail spaces, schools, entertainment facilities, controlled environment facilities, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, aerospace, clean manufacturing areas, healthcare, food processing, and precision instrument assembly rooms
    • Eco-friendly
    • Our girds meet DSR 2012 CPWD Specifications