What is Decosonic™ CNBM?
Decosonic™ CNBM International range of ceiling tiles are manufactured to precision Japanese standards and are synonymous with the highest standards of fire protection, acoustic control, sound reduction and thermal insulation. With Offices spanning from Americas to Asia, These tiles are manufactured in parnership with CNBM International Corporation, China National Building Materials (Group) Corporation, is one of the largest companies in China building material & equipment industry, with 42,800 employees and sales in 2005 of US Dollar 4.395 billion. In 2006, China National Building Material Company Limited was listed on Hong Kong Stock Market with the stock code as 3323. The business scope of CNBM covers from manufacturing and sales of a series of building materials to scientific research and design, import and export trade. In many of these fields, CNBM plays a leading role. Decosonic™ CNBM acoustical Solutions are now available here in India through Universal Building Products Pvt Ltd.

What are the advantages of Decosonic™ ?
Decosonic™ CNBM products are newly developed types, with outstanding advantages, such as fire-proofing sound absorption, heat insulation, sag resistance, easy fixing and replacement, beautiful textures, pollution free, high light reflectivity etc. All these features make it possible to decorate a refined surrounding of Corporate Offices, Hotel Lobbies, Auditoriums and so on.

Decosonic™ CNBM Mineral fiber ceiling tiles are natural products derived from the inexhaustible raw material of steel / stone. Mineral fiber has unbeatable structural characteristics, particularly as regards fire protection. Our mineral fiber ceiling panels do not contain asbestos and formaldehyde.

Resistance to humidity
Decosonic™ CNBM products are suitable to resist humidity conditions of 95 - 99%. These tiles are designed specifically for use in areas of high humidity weather conditions with specifications ranging up to RH99.

Sound insulation/Sound Absorption properties
Decosonic™ CNBM products have outstanding sound insulation values both as regards sound absorption and longitudinal sound insulation. Any of the ceiling systems from our range are particularly suitable if a higher degree of sound insulation is required although special products can be produced on demand where even greater NRC is required.

Fire Resistance
Independent fire protection ceilings are suspended ceilings that satisfy fire resistance requirements both from above and from below the ceiling.

Environmental Sustainability
Decosonic™ CNBM is committed to provide a better support to its communities. Hence all Decosonic™ CNBM products are made from highest quality of recyclable material and provide superior light reflection for energy conservation.

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